Hans-Jurgen Kugler on Eclipse working groups and more

Hans-Jurgen Kugler on Eclipse working groups and more

Hans-Jurgen Kugler on Eclipse working groups and more

Date: Apr 08, 2011

In this two-part interview from EclipseCon 2011, open source advocate Hans-Jurgen Kugler talks about open source working groups, overcoming challenges with open source, working with Eclipse tools, the productivity of open source versus traditional development projects, and more.

In the first part of this interview, Kugler talks about the Eclipse work group for the automotive industry, the project's goals, and the interconnectability of toolsets whether they're open source, commercial, or homegrown.

In the second part of the interview, Jack Vaughan asks Kugler about his experience with open source, the benefits he's seen and the challenges he's overcome. Kugler discusses the covert use of open source toolsets and how open source development projects stack up against traditional development projects.

Read the transcript from part two of this video interview below: 

Hans-Jurgen Kugler on Eclipse working groups and more

Jack Vaughan: I'd like to ask you, over time, what your experience has been with open source and the benefits you see and the challenges you might have had to overcome.

Hans-Jurgen Kugler: Well, first I have a research background. I'm from that side. Open source is really implementing what science has had in its advance all over the last few centuries. Ever since Descartes really put reasoning over feeling, we have had open peer review throughout the scientific advance. And this is, open source allows the same thing now with the most valuable assets that we are creating. The software is connecting everything.

And so, having the potential of open peer review on systems on an ongoing fashion is definitely a possibility we should not forgo.

Jack Vaughan: Now, in an industry like automotive, did they have concerns about intellectual property, and have they changed their tune at all over the last ten years?

Hans-Jurgen Kugler: Well, the automotive industry is a very conservative industry. You're right. It's very much IP-driven, very much IP-driven. In 2004 I talked about open source in the automotive industry, and the general rule was, "Thou shalt not open source." That’s still the official rule, but what's happening under the bonnet is quite different.

Most manufacturers and suppliers do use, for instance, Eclipse, do use open source. BMW and Intel together run a big open source consortium, GENIVI, the platform for future infotainment systems. The big auto czar industry consortium, several hundred automotive related companies, are using open source to actually construct their tool set. Their modeling and their interface specifications are based around Eclipse. There's a product that's come out of it called Artop which deals with the interfaces that based on Eclipse.

Some of our customers have compared, and this is probably the key argument, some of our customers have compared the productivity of traditional run development projects with open source development projects. Open source development projects bring five to ten times the productivity. We know why. Self-motivated, self-determined teams engage with the subject much more than directed persons who are glued together by essentially their manager to form a team.

From an organizational psychology and from a team psychology perspective, these things are known from the '60s, but before they find their way to management or human resources it takes a long time. For instance, looking at Eclipse, the Eclipse process of development and the structure, the Eclipse foundation, which organized itself in this project, is a very good model from which the industry can learn and is starting to learn.

Jack Vaughan: Okay. I want to thank you, Hans-Jurgen Kugler. It's great to meet you here at EclipseCon 2011. Have a good day.

Hans-Jurgen Kugler: Thank you.

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