SOA Tips | Page 35
  • How to test RESTful APIs like a pro

    RESTful API testing is about establishing a culture of continuous testing and team accountability. Greg Sypolt reviews the core components of a RESTful API testing program.

  • Best practices for managing API portfolios

    As important as APIs have become, many still fail to achieve API success by not setting goals properly. Tom Nolle explains why this matters and how to manage an API portfolio.

  • The future for developers in a NoOps era

    What do developers and musicians have in common? Both have been stripped of the middleman as their products are delivered directly to users. But what does a NoOps era look like?

  • Modernize legacy systems with the cloud

    If you're struggling to bring your legacy applications into the modern age, the cloud can help bridge systems. Expert Steve Weissman says it may not always be ideal, but can still work.