SOA Tips | Page 30


  • SOA and the next billion dollar baby

    Michael Meehan discusses the many recent acquisitions in the SOA marketplace.

  • Quantity is no measure of maturity

    Ronald Schmelzer discusses how vendors, analysts, consulting firms, and marketers have quantified their measures of SOA maturity.

  • SOA security: Don't forget identity and access manageme

    In the world of SOA, security revolves around identity management as much as network protection. It could in fact be critical to preventing SOA security from becoming its own silo.

  • The top five SOA urban legends

    What do SOA, Web services and SOA governance have to do with organ harvesting, sewer-dwelling alligators and Pop Rocks? All have become part of urban legend.

  • The Eclipse SOA Tools Platform

    Daniel Rubio discusses the Sevice Component Archtecture (SCA), BPEL and Web services design functionality within the Eclipse SOA Tools Platform.

  • The SOA big picture

    Michael Meehan discusses the need to aim higher when it comes to implementing SOA into a business.

  • SOA-based software change management for mainframes

    With so much business functionality still contained in lines of COBOL code, getting mainframe applications to work alongside Java and .NET Web services has become a major focus inside the applicati...

  • Say hello to XPath 2.0

    Ed Tittel discusses the major reworkings and extensions to XPath 1.0 in the new version of XPath 2.0.

  • Integration + governance = SOA?

    Michael Meehan discusses the two most important initiatives inside SOA development.

  • Using an ESB to simplify the complexity of SOA

    Maja Tibbling, lead enterprise architect at Con-Way Inc., looks into the structural benefits of using an enterprise service bus as part of an SOA implementation, particularly in how to achieve reli...

  • Pitfalls of SOA RFPs

    Jason Bloomberg discusses common mistakes and gives pointers in how to best put together Request for Proposal for SOA initiatives.

  • Grid computing and Web services

    In this tip, William Brogden characterizes the types of grid technology and indicates where grid computing and Web services may compliment each other.

  • The ESB, SOA's venerable product offering

    Michael Meehan discusses the progession of ESBs and the misconceptions of its relationship to SOA.

  • How to architect governance

    Michael Meehan discusses the building blocks of SOA governance and upcoming articles on related to organization and governance.

  • Operational Risk and WS-Policy

    Citigroup architect Mark Temple-Raston demonstrates how WS-Policy can be applied, where it should be applied and how its domains jibe with the core sub-categories of operational risk.

  • What BPM experts know about business process that SOA f

    What BPM experts know about business process that SOA folks don'tWhat BPM experts know about business process that SOA folks don't

  • SOA and EDA: Using events to bridge decoupled service b

    The distinction between service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA) can be traced to message patterns. Understanding the implications of common exchange patterns, such a...

  • Going beyond the ESB with your SOA implementation

    Iona Technologies vice president Steph Bacon discusses the evolution of SOA development beyond the ESB and why the services respository has become such an important item.

  • Why we watch Eclipse

    Michael Meehan discusses the growing use of Eclipse and's upcoming features relating SOA and Eclipse to the future of Web services.

  • Competitive SOA

    Jason Bloomberg suggests competitive SOA as an unconventional method to solving issues with SOA governance.