Web services testing

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  • transaction monitoring (business transaction management)

    Transaction monitoring, also known as business transaction management, is the supervision of critical business applications and services by auditing the individual transactions that flow across the application infrastructure.  

  • ad hoc testing

    Ad hoc testing is a non-methodical approach to assessing the viability of a product. Commonly used in software development, ad hoc testing is performed without a plan of action, and actions taken are not typically documented. 

  • object-oriented programming (OOP)

    Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming language model organized around "objects" rather than "actions" and data rather than logic. (Continued...) 

  • service-level management

    Service-level management is the monitoring and management of the quality of service(QoS) of an entity's key performance indicators(KPIs). 

  • software

    Software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. 

  • crawler

    A crawler is a program that visits Web sites and reads their pages and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index. 

About Web services testing

There are many different types of services testing for SOA purposes. Two main types of software testing are Unit testing and stress testing. Unit testing is verifying a service’s purpose through predefined data sets that imitate actual usage, which then detects any flaws. It is like a safety net for services, allowing you to see if they work before real data is put into them. Stress testing, on the other hand, determines the performance of a service under a certain user load. This can be used to help determine how adequate the services supporting infrastructure is – such as hardware capacity and bandwidth availability. Find resources for Web testing services in this topic section, including news, tips and videos.