Web services performance

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  • Successful SOA implementations require planning: User stories

    User stories demonstrate how careful planning and integration are crucial to effective SOA-based system upgrades and successful cloud adoption. 

  • Gartner AADI Summit 2011 conference coverage

    As the Web and cloud computing continue to grow as important drivers for enterprise infrastructure, the Gartner AADI Summit in 2011 focuses on exciting opportunities for mobile and social apps. 

  • Contest: SOA the Hard Way

    SearchSOA.com is holding a contest for SOA worst practices stories and we would like you to share your SOA story with us. 

  • The SOA talent squeeze

    ZapThink predicts a dramatic surge in the demand for SOA consulting in 2005. 

  • When not to use an SOA

    In many situations -- for example, if your IT environment isn't heterogeneous or isn't expecting much in the way of change -- an SOA may not be right for you. 

  • Microsoft and Web services

    Web services are a way for Microsoft to leverage the existing base of J2EE without having to do anything to support Java explicitly. 

  • interaction management

    Interaction management is a term some companies use to describe a class of Web services that support online relationships (called communities) and transactions between employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. 

  • knowbot

    A knowbot is a program that automatically searchs Internet sites and gathers information from them according to user-specified criteria. 

  • click stream

    In Web advertising, a click stream is the sequence of clicks or pages requested as a visitor explores a Web site. 

  • Channel Definition Format (CDF)

    The Channel Definition Format (CDF) is a file format from Microsoft that lets you create a file that defines a Web "channel," which is a preselected Web site or group of related Web sites. 

  • Remote Data Objects (RDO)

    RDO (Remote Data Objects) is an application program interface (API) from Microsoft that lets programmers writing Windows applications get access to and from both Microsoft and other database providers. 

  • markup

    Markup refers to the sequence of characters or other symbols that you insert at certain places in a text or word processing file to indicate how the file should look when it is printed or displayed or to describe the document's logical structure. 

  • GDMO (Guidelines for Definition of Managed Objects)

    GDMO (Guidelines for Definition of Managed Objects) is a standard for defining objects in a network in a consistent way. 

  • cyberpunk

    Cyberpunk is a sensibility or belief that a few outsiders, armed with their own individuality and technological capability, can fend off the tendencies of traditional institutions to use technology to control society. 

  • wrapper

    In information technology, a wrapper is data that precedes or frames the main data or a program that sets up another program so that it can run successfully. 

About Web services performance

Web services performance has been a major architecture consideration as long as there have been Web services. Web services performance can be measured in terms of response times, cache efficiency, or user experience ratings. We provide best practices and resources for architects, application development managers and IT executives looking to make sure their Web services perform as designed. Find the latest information on optimizing Web services performance with tips, news and expert responses.