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  • JavaFX beats Swing: Changing RIA development platform

    In this SearchSOA video interview, Rob Terpilowski discusses moving from Swing to a JavaFX platform.

  • DNN (DotNetNuke)

    DNN, formerly called DotNetNuke, is a free, open source website builder and content management platform based on the .NET framework. The software was originally written by Brandon Hayes, based on an earlier application called IBuySpy Workshop. An 800,000-member user network contributes to the continued development of the platform, which supports 750,000 websites worldwide. A commercial offshoot, Evoq, provides extended functionality and technical help.

  • Java developers and hiring companies seek midpoint in Java jobs game

    Some say hiring trends for Java jobs show the Java language giving way to newer Java virtual machine languages; others feel Java EE is here to stay.

  • HTML5 guide

    HTML5 guide: The advent of HTML5 signals a new wave of Web programming methods, and a new slate of standards for enterprise application development.

  • HTML5 browsers gain influence as application integration pendulum swings

    HTML5 browser front ends on new Mobile Web apps give added importance to the 'client' in the client server equation. But SOA has a back-end role too. Scalability is an issue for heavily used applications.

  • JavaServer Faces preps for new version, HTML5, mobile explosion

    Despite predictions that Oracle would allow JavaServer Faces to languish, Java experts say JSF is alive and well, and poised to complement HTML5 and JavaScript.

  • Where's the ROI in a public API?

    Web services APIs have vastly expanded over the years to include a host of REST-based methods. Resource and Message APIs have become common in addition to SOAP APIs.

  • Shim uses node.js to test sites on multiple browsers

    Shim is a node.js app that enables simultaneous, sync web surfing across a variety of browsers and devices. It was developed within Boston Globe's media lab as a way to study how web sites look on different types of devices and browsers. A laptop simply intercepts all WiFi traffic that is redirected to a custom node.js server, which then inserts a "shim" javascript at the head of each web page that it visited. This shim, once loaded in a device's browsers, opens and maintains a socket connection to the server. The goal of shim is to make cross-device and cross-browser testing much easier.

  • HipHop Virtual Machine for PHP

    Facebook Software Engineer and HipHop for PHP team member Jason Evans provides details on Facebook’s move to a new high-performance PHP virtual machine.

  • OAuth protocol gains for securing Web services authorization

    OAuth (Open Authorization) allows Web application users to move from site to site without an additional login. It has gained exceptional attention of late in the world of services and security.

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