Service-oriented architecture (SOA) orchestration

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  • Web services diagnostics tool updated

    Mindreef updates its SOAPscope Web services diagnostics systems, with new features that simplify sharing of problem data with specialists. 

  • Web services management field consolidates

    Digital Evolution, a Web services security and management vendor, acquires Flamenco Networks, a provider of network infrastructure for SOAs. 

  • Secure Web services a sound business practice

    Experts identify the nuances of securing Web services, and there's more to it than antivirus software and a solid firewall. 

  • SOA School Quiz

    Watch our SOA School series and see if you can spot the answers to the quiz questions. 

  • Web services: Do you speak geek?

    Think you know Web services? Take our quick quiz (I think it's pretty easy) and see how you measure up on our Web services geek-o-meter. How many can you guess without peeking? 

  • Motorola dials up efficient Web services management

    Management was the next frontier to conquer for Motorola, which has more than 100 Web services in production as part of a service-oriented architecture. 

  • Sun upgrades Web Services Developer Pack

    Sun announced new versions of its Java Web Services Developer Pack and Java System App Server 7 EE. 

  • Startups swimming against Web services management tide

    ZapThink LLC reports on Web services management, and the forecast isn't bright for startups trying to take on heavyweights like IBM, HP and CA. 

  • Realm manages remote devices, Web services

    Realm Systems LLC's new SOBA platform connects remote users to enterprise apps via Web services. 

  • WS-CDL chair digs into new spec

    Steve Ross-Talbot of the W3C's WS-Choreography working group explains how the recently ratified WS-CDL specification defines how Web services should work together in a peer-to-peer setting.