Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

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  • REST: Simplicity in Web Services design

    In this tip, an alternate approach to deploying a Web services compliant architecture named Representational State Transfer (REST) is discussed. 

  • SAML demystified

    A look under the covers at federated identity via Security Assertion Markup Language, including SOAP interoperation and how to handle disparate identity formats. 

  • FastSOA aims to pick up the tempo

    The proposed architecture utilizes XQuery and a native XML database at midtier to address Web services performance and scalability issues of J2EE application servers. 

  • Using SAP BC to access a SOAP service

    A member asks one of our experts " I have created a Web service using Axis and deployed it successfully on WebSphere. I'm using SAP BC as my SOAP Client to access the SOAP Service. I'm getting the SOAP Responses, few were succes... 

  • Web Services, Portlets and WSRP

    While Web services were initially conceived to execute as standalone pieces of software for interoperability purposes, their actual use has exploded into many application realms. In this article, we will explore yet another area in which Web services... 

  • Chapter of the week: Security and Ajax

    This chapter, excerpted from Ajax in Action, discusses security-related concerns that have particular implications for Ajax. 

  • Generating web-services.xml using the < service > task

    A member asks one of our experts, "I am generating web-services.xml using the task. What is the attribute of this < service > task which will set charset="UTF-8" in web-services.xml?" Read the response or pose a questi... 

  • Chapter of the week: XML Web services

    This chapter, excerpted from Core C# and .NET, takes a look at the pluses and minues of implementing and consuming Web services in a .NET environment, presenting Web services from both the server and client perspective. 

  • AJAX, Web services to fuel Zimbra collaboration suite

    Startup Zimbra this week will unveil its open-source Zimbra Collaboration Suite. The Zimbra client is built on AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and communicates with the Zimbra server via XML and SOAP; the Web client includes search, message ta... 

  • DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation)

    DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) is a communications specification that defines a format for attaching files to Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages between application programs over the Internet.