Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

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  • Web services specs okay with Microsoft

    Developers and customers working with 35 key Web services specs will not have to worry about legal actions over patents from Microsoft as the company seeks to reassure its users of its commitment to interoperability, with a promise to tether its lega... 

  • W3C recommends WSDL Binding spec

    Web Services Addressing 1.0 - WSDL Binding moved up to candidate recommendation status in the W3C process this week. W3C is now seeking two implementations of the spec, which "provides transport-neutral mechanisms to address Web services and messages... 

  • Web services grief?

    It may be that dealing with Web services is similar to dealing with grief. This posting of "Dave Podnar's Five Stages of Dealing with Web Services" suggests that you should know that it ain't easy. 

  • XML and Web services: SOAP

    In this tip, William Brogden explains how using the AXIS toolkit and the JWS approach will get you started with a simple SOAP Web service. 

  • To SOA or not to SOA?

    Web services development is dividing into two camps, writes Gartner analyst Daryl Plummer. The SOA camp may be getting the lion's share of news coverage but a second group is exploring other emerging Web technologies to build external applications. 

  • Implementing SOAP headers

    Anne Thomas Manes discusses the two different approaches you can use to add and process SOAP headers in a message. 

  • Apache Synapse reaches first milestone

    Apache's open source mediation and broker framework for Web services and SOAP, called Synapse, has released its first milestone. It includes simple mediation using Regex and XPath, outbound message routing and XSLT transformation. 

  • WCF: Microsoft's 'newest' Web services way

    WCF is Microsoft's newest Web services stack, a suite of SOA-friendly APIs. 

  • Burton: Put Web services security on front burner

    Burton Group report says WS-Security is "ready for prime time" and enterprises should start building a comprehensive plan that encompasses both transport- and application-level security. 

  • Scaling for humans inside an SOA

    Mindreef rolls out a Web service lifecycle collaboration platform for cross-discipline and cross-organizational service teams and service consumers.