Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

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  • SOAP and beans?

    How do you turn an inherently stateless protocol into a stateful one? This blog entry offers tips on doing just that with SOAP and Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs). 

  • JBI/SOA tips

    A list of tips for working with JBI and service-oriented architecture begins with an admonition to "Avoid use of xsd:string to represent the entire message body." This is more than a suggestion for JBI: it's for SOAP, too, our editor says. 

  • Latest soapUI released

    The final version of soapUI 1.7, which adds support for SOAP 1.2 bindings, as well as integration with JBossWS and Oracle tools, is now available according to IDE Plugins for NetBeans, IntelliJ and Eclipse are also available. Enhancements... 

  • Picking SOAP over REST

    There are conditions under which even Java open source coders find that SOAP is preferable to REST for Web services, writes a blogger in the Glassfish Aquarium. He's not suggesting SOAP over REST for all cases, but is simply pointing out some cases w... 

  • Forrester narrows list of specs for Web services

    The number of standards and specifications for Web services messaging may seem overwhelming, but Forrester analyst Randy Heffner has narrowed it down to a few for tech conservatives and a few more for the more daring. 

  • Anne Thomas Manes: Why SOA needs UDDI now

    The original definition of Web services included SOAP, WSDL and UDDI, but the latter was often ignored, until now, as a Burton Group report says UDDI v3.0 is emerging as a key standard for SOA registry and repository technology. 

  • Visual Studio slips on SOAP, blogger says

    Scott Balmos says Visual Studio 2005 is a nice IDE until you start working on applications making serious use of SOAP. On the ServerSide Interoperability Blog, Balmos writes: "When it comes to working with complex SOAP-based applications which have m... 

  • W3C seeks feedback on SOAP 1.2

    The W3C XML Protocol Working Group is seeking feedback on four Proposed Edited Recommendations of SOAP 1.2, including those covering messaging framework, as well as specification assertions and test collection. The deadline for feedback is Feb. 2, 20... 

  • C++ soap client library

    Anne Thomas Manes discusses a few places to look for a C++ soap client library that supports asynchronous call. 

  • SOAP support in SQL Server 2005

    Anne Thomas Manes discusses hindrances related to upgrading to SQL server analysis services 2005 in regards to SAAJ API and other SOAP API's.