Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

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  • RESTful Web 2.0 overtaking SOAP?

    A debate is raging in the blogsphere as to whether the popularity of Web 2.0 applications built using Representational State Transfer (REST) represents a threat to not only the traditional SOAP-based Web services but the all WS* standards for service... 

  • Web services with Ruby on Rails

    The Ruby on Rails framework has added REST support, making it a Web service alternative to SOAP stack development. 

  • Apache releases open source ESB

    The Apache Foundation's Synapse project is releasing Apache Synapse 1.1, an open source enterprise service bus (ESB), which offers asynchronous support for HTTP and HTTPS and "very high scalability under load, supporting thousands of concurrent conne... 

  • Financial firm leverages SOA reuse for mobile services

    Services reuse in an SOA makes it possible for Synovus Financial Corp. to extend Windows applications to Internet banking and mobile devices. 

  • Does SOA need MEST on top of REST?

    Just when developers working in service-oriented architecture (SOA) start looking at REST as an alternative to SOAP, along comes MEST. 

  • Spring Web Services 1.0 focuses on 'contract-first'

    The 'contract-first' focus in Spring Web Services 1.0 gives developers flexibility and the loose coupling needed for SOA applications, its creator said. 

  • WSO2 releases C and PHP frameworks

    WSO2 Inc. has released two new open source products for developers of Web services applications, Web Services Framework for C (WSF/C) 1.0 product, and Web Services Framework for PHP (WSF/PHP) 1.0. The two products provide support for "the widest rang... 

  • SOAP 1.2 Second Edition

    The April release of the SOAP 1.2 Second Edition recommendation still awaits updated information about SOAP implementations, and progress on XML protocol requirements and MTOM serialization. 

  • Mule extending Web services capabilities

    MuleSource will extend the Web services capabilities of its open source products as it brings onboard Dan Diephouse, the developer who created the XFire SOAP framework. He said he will focus on expanding Web services capabilities including improved s... 

  • How to REST

    If you can't relax until you've learned more about REST (Representational State Transfer), TheServerSide Interoperability Blog offers a new mini-guide. Brent Sheets has hand picked a collection of resources designed to help you not only understand wh...