Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

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  • RESTful services take on a role in health IT infrastructure

    Gerald Beuchelt, project software systems engineer at MITRE, discusses the role of RESTful services in building a national health IT infrastructure. 

  • Elements of API style: Daigneau talks REST vs SOAP

    Web services APIs have vastly expanded over the years to include a host of REST-based methods. Resource and Message APIs have become common in addition to SOAP APIs. 

  • A look at ''Service Design Patterns'': Q&A with Rob Daigneau’s Jack Vaughan spoke with Rob Daigneau, whose new book Service Design Patterns offers solutions to common service design challenges. 

  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Tutorial

    SOAP has gained status as a common messaging protocol in Web services and SOA projects. This SOAP tutorial provides insight as to what SOAP standard is and when to use it. SOAP basics, how it compares to REST, SOAP attachments and how SOAP functions ... 

  • Chapter of the week: Security and Ajax

    This chapter, excerpted from Ajax in Action, discusses security-related concerns that have particular implications for Ajax. 

  • Chapter of the week: XML Web services

    This chapter, excerpted from Core C# and .NET, takes a look at the pluses and minues of implementing and consuming Web services in a .NET environment, presenting Web services from both the server and client perspective. 

  • Chapter of the week: Introduction to Web services technologies

    This chapter, excerpted from Service-Oriented Architecture: A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services, focuses on the standards that make up the Web services platform and how Web services relates to service-oriented architecture. 

  • Chapter of the week: Advanced Messaging, Metadata and Security

    This chapter, excerpted from Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design, focuses on the various WS-* extensions that govern specific areas of the SOAP messaging framework. It also looks at the creation and exchange of meta... 

  • WSDL Learning Guide

    This guide explains what WSDL is, how it's used, and how it fits into the world of Web services. Check back often for updates and new additions. 

  • What's new in .NET, WCF 4.5?

    The move to 'lighter is better' is not just a Java trend. A drive to simplify underlies changes to Microsoft's flagship development framework as well. 

  • Legacy application migration best practices

    Learn about the best practices that simplify the process of maintaining legacy applications and make legacy migration less costly. 

  • Services designer opens up mainframe IDMS for JSON, SOAP, REST development

    At Share 2011 in Orlando, GT Software showed Ivory Service Architect with support for Web services that natively access CA IDMS programs. This widens the integration options for IDMS. 

  • Progress/Actional SOA diagnostic tool builds on Mindreef purchase

    Progress Software announced the first major integration of Actional SOA performance and governance products and technology gained with last year's acquisition of SOAP-test pioneer Mindreef. Actional Diagnostics is a developer desktop product for buil... 

  • InterSystems Ensemble environment adds binary SOAP messaging

    Software provider InterSystems has enhanced its Ensemble rapid development and deployment environment with several services-related capabilities. Better security and faster operation are parts of the agenda. 

  • User combines open source ESB with data services to speed customer reports

    An on-demand employee expense reporting system was enhanced using the WSO2 Web Services Application Server (WSAS) 2.0 and enterprise service bus (ESB). 

  • WSDLs get a report card

    WSDL definitions, schema, PortTypes, bindings, messages, and services are graded for quality by a product known as WSDL Report Card. The Report Card is intended to end squabbles between developers and QA teams. School's in! 

  • SOA for pets uses REST and SOAP

    SOA e-commerce application provides pet owners Ajax-based online ordering service for home delivery of veterinary medicines. 

  • Netrics uses SOAP to clean data

    Netrics Inc., a vendor specializing in data cleansing, today announced the availability of the Netrics Data Matching Platform Version 4.0, which matches data across disparate sources via a Web services interface based on SOAP. The product is designed... 

  • Mindreef updates SOA testing tools

    Mindreef, Inc., the testing tool vendor focused on service-oriented architecture (SOA), today announced availability of SOAPscope Server 6.1, which provides added support for OASIS WS-Security standards, according to the announcement. The company als... 

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  • endpoint reference (EPR)

    An endpoint reference (EPR) is a combination of Web services (WS) elements that define the address for a resource in a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) header... (Continued) 

  • DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation)

    DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) is a communications specification that defines a format for attaching files to Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages between application programs over the Internet. 

  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

    SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a way for a program running in one kind of operating system (such as Windows 2000) to communicate with a progam in the same or another kind of an operating system (such as Linux) by using the World Wide Web's H... 

About Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a way for a program running in one kind of operating system to communicate with a program in the same or another kind of an operating system by using the World Wide Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and its Extensible Markup Language (XML) as the mechanisms for information exchange. Find SOAP basics, best practices and tutorials to help architects and developers with SOA and Web services projects in this topic section.