Web data services and enterprise mashups

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    In-memory data grids show potential for speeding up analysis and processing for scalable applications -- and, now, for big data applications. 

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    Rob Fox explains the state of cloud computing and how cloud service brokers can help companies with the new challenges of managing services in the cloud. 

  • Avoiding cloud vendor lock-in with enterprise mashups

    Your organization can employ cloud offerings without getting bogged down by vendor lock-in, but it takes a little careful planning (and some help from an enterprise mashup or two). 

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    Mashups are slowly gaining ground. Mobile apps may drive mashups forward, but the business side seems reluctant. There are several areas where mashups excel over other techniques. 

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    "Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware," is a technical guide to embedded middleware implementation that includes theory, practical advice and real-world examples. 

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    This SearchSOA.com tutorial will focus on information that shows you how to think about data integration inside a service-oriented architecture. It will cover data services, data governance, XML, REST, data mashups, business intelligence (BI), XQuer... 

  • Gopher

    From about 1992 through 1996, Gopher was an Internet application in which hierarchically-organized text files could be brought from servers all over the world to a viewer on your computer. 

About Web data services and enterprise mashups

Many view the sharing of information to be the most fundamental as well as the most important function of the Web. Web data services allow users and applications to publish data on the Web and access data that has already been published. Information can be in the form of data tables, xml documents, and unstructured data. An enterprise application mashup is a Web application that uses or combines data or functionality from two or more sources (including Web services and applications) in order to create a new service.