Enterprise Services Bus (ESB)

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  • What role does an ESB play in RESTful integration?

    ESBs may move from the central integration hub toward a specialized role integrating new RESTful architecture with legacy applications. 

  • The difference between EAI and an ESB

    EAI allowed for the central management of application integration, but was limited by the complexity of integration logic. ESBs arose as a more streamlined approach. 

  • How to make an enterprise service bus work for your SOA

    An enterprise service bus (ESB) is best utilized for mediation and operational policy enforcement, according to SOA governance expert Todd Biske. 

  • Evolving Web 2.0 apps

    Rami Jaamour discusses how emulation of services can help make Web 2.0 apps more reliable and more able to evolve safely. 

  • Low latency loose coupling worth the money

    Dana Gardner discusses why spending a bit more money on acquiring high performance/low latency loosely coupled services could save time and meet business needs far better than services on the cheap. 

  • SCA and SDO standards

    David Linthicum defines Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) and explains how to best build these components to enable a successful SOA. 

  • Implementing ESBs

    Thomas Erl discusses whether implementing ESBs will become obsolete in a Web services environment. 

  • EAI changes

    In this expert response David Lithicum discusses the issues with how EAI vendors fit into an EAI/ESB model. 

  • The difference between EAI and ESB

    A SearchWebServices.com member asks one of our experts, "What is the difference between enterprise application integration (EAI) and the enterprise service bus (ESB)?" Read the response or pose a question of your own to any of our experts. 

  • Influential standards


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  • enterprise service bus (ESB)

    An enterprise service bus (ESB) is a software architecture for middleware that provides fundamental services for more complex architectures... (Continued) 

  • service-component architecture (SCA)

    Service-component architecture (SCA) is a group of specifications intended for the development of applications based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), which defines how computing entities interact to perform work for each other... (Continued) 

  • webMethods

    webMethods is a company that specializes in business process integration software for the enterprise. 

  • How is PaaS changing application servers?

    Chris Haddad, VP of technology evangelism at WSO2, describes cloud services like PaaS and how they are affecting application servers. 

  • Messaging middleware with Apache projects

    In a podcast interview, Rob Davies - CTO of FuseSource and coauthor of the book "ActiveMQ in Action"- discusses messaging middleware and the hurdles that beginners face as they approach the subject. 

  • Podcast: Why does the ESB matter in SOA?

    Mulesource CEO Dave Rosenberg discusses why he thinks enterprise service bus (ESB) is a critical piece of middleware for those pursuing an SOA strategy. 

About Enterprise Services Bus (ESB)

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) incorporates the features required to implement a service-oriented architecture. The ESB is the software entity that acts as an abstraction layer within an enterprise architecture and allows for easier integration between diverse services and applications. SearchSOA.com has the resources for enterprise architects and software developers working on SOA and Web services projects. Here you can find articles, tips and expert responses on implementing ESB in middleware architecture.