Data governance and management for SOA

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  • Is Ruby on Rails ready for enterprise SOA?

    Ruby on Rails promises ease in RESTful SOA development, but for it to move up to enterprise class, developers need to know how to make it scalable. 

  • Java One: Mule architect looks to bring REST to SOA

    A best-of-breed approach to SOA combining the strength of JMS, the Spring framework and the Mule ESB is what Dan Diephouse, the creator of XFire and software architect at MuleSource Inc., recommends for enterprise developers. In a conversation at Jav... 

  • JavaOne: JBoss on SOA middleware, Java EE and data services

    There's traditional middleware and then there's SOA middleware and determining where they might converge or diverge is still a work in progress for vendors, says Craig Muzilla, vice president of Red Hat Inc.'s Middleware Business Unit. At JavaOne in ... 

  • Open source software requires governance, Burton warns

    Harried developers are making use of open source components for SOA and proprietary applications, but management doesn't even know it is there, a Burton Group analyst warns. 

  • SLA management latest entry in Tibco's SOA portfolio

    Unplanned demand spikes are a modern app dev pain point caused by ease of integration. Tibco has now added SLA management to its SOA platform in order to combat the problem. 

  • Business drives SOA at, CTO says

    Everyone talks about SOA as a technology initiative driven by business needs, but Manny Montejano, CTO for, is actually doing it. 

  • Adopt Google Apps? It depends, Burton analyst says

    Google Apps prove the concept that desktop applications can be provided using the SaaS model, but the lack of mature auditing capabilities make them risky for large businesses, the Burton Group reports. 

  • SOA networks: Cisco envisions service-oriented data center

    Cisco Systems Inc. envisions using the network as the platform for SOA, says Mark Weiner, director of product management and marketing for Cisco's Applications Delivery Business Unit. In this interview, he explains how network devices that began as l... 

  • Making sense of data services mashups

    Data services mashups would be easy if all the data was in XML. Since it is not, Kirstan Vandersluis of XAware Inc. explains how open source tools can help convert SQL into XML. 

  • Focus SOA on business value – IBM's LeBlanc

    Two years ago, IBM veteran Robert LeBlanc, moved from general manager of IBM's application and integration middleware division, where he oversaw WebSphere to become general manager at IBM Global Business Services, where he is championing SOA. SearchS...