Data governance and management for SOA

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  • Big data in motion: Getting the data to where it's needed

    It's great to have an abundance of data at your hands. But once you have all this big data available, the next step is getting all of it to the analytical engine. And in order to do this, designers must be prepared to rethink existing architectures. ... 

  • Dynamic case management's starring role on the BPM stage

    Case management technology has become more widely used among industries, including new areas like supply chain, marketing, and HR. Dynamic case management (DCM) is a new form of this, a collaborative and information-intensive process driven by outsid... 

  • E-book: Big Data technology and its impact on data warehousing

    Read this expert e-book by business intelligence visionary Wayne Eckerson and gain insight into the growing adoption rates of big data technology and why companies are finally recognizing its many benefits. Eckerson offers a comparison of open-source... 

  • Making the business case for dynamic case management

    To reap long-term, widespread benefits from dynamic case management (DCM), it’s important to understand the business benefits and challenges. This e-book takes a look at these facets of DCM and provides expert advice on making the business case for i... 

  • SOA architecture and infrastructure: Working with basic building blocks

    This e-book reveals how building a SOA infrastructure for the cloud requires a truly service-oriented approach and a thorough understanding of the value of services. Read best practices for SOA architecture and how to use the building blocks of SOA i... 

  • Expert advice on dynamic case management best practices

    This e-book describes exactly how dynamic case management (DCM) can benefit financial services firms and offers expert advice on both the best practices to apply and pitfalls to avoid in DCM adoption. Read expert advice and case studies that delve in... 

  • in-memory data grid

    An in-memory data grid (IMDG) is a data structure that resides entirely in RAM (random access memory), and is distributed among multiple servers. 

  • system of systems (SoS)

    System of systems (SoS)  is a way to view multiple, small independent systems in context as part of a larger, more complex system. 

  • IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)

    The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) is the body that defines standard Internet operating protocols such as TCP/IP. The IETF is supervised by the Internet Society Internet Architecture Board (IAB). IETF members are drawn from the Internet Soc... 

About Data governance and management for SOA

Many of the reasons for choosing SOA really come down to increasing the organizations ability to successfully share, analyze and use data. Data governance and management for SOA are the specific techniques and practices used to deal with the data itself including master data management and enterprise data integration. Here is the place to find data governance basics and data management best practices for SOA. There are several articles, tips and expert advice columns to help enterprise architects and developers service-orient their data.