• HTML5 guide

    HTML5 guide: The advent of HTML5 signals a new wave of Web programming methods, and a new slate of standards for enterprise application development.

  • HTML5 increases influence of JavaScript browsers

    HTML5 browser front ends on new Mobile Web apps give added importance to the 'client' in the client server equation. But SOA has a back-end role too. Scalability is an issue for heavily used applic...

  • JavaServer Faces preps for new version

    Despite predictions that Oracle would allow JavaServer Faces to languish, Java experts say JSF is alive and well, and poised to complement HTML5 and JavaScript.

  • OAuth gains for securing Web services authorization

    OAuth (Open Authorization) allows Web application users to move from site to site without an additional login. It has gained exceptional attention of late in the world of services and security.

Ajax and RIA (Rich Internet Applications)

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  • The impact of HTML5 on Web applications

    HTML, the HyperText Markup Language, is an essential part of the Internet experience. HTML5 is one part of what WHATWG sees as essential to the future of Web applications. 

  • HTML5 and a coming client inflection point

    As more and more software applications are delivered as Web applications, software architects are still learning the merits of the asynchronous. 

  • Happy birthday, Ajax – son of SOA

    It was five years ago on February 18, 2005, that Jesse James Garrett coined the term "Ajax" to represent a design style that was giving new life to browser client architecture. 

  • Happy Birthday, Ajax

    The term "Ajax" was coined five years ago to describe a method for creating Web pages that could update without being required to reload. 

  • Ajax Web application development celebrates fifth anniversary

    The term "Ajax" was first used five years ago in a blog entry by Jesse James Garret. We spoke with Garret and other Ajax pioneers and users about the importance of Ajax. Read their commentary about the early days of Ajax development, including how it... 

  • News and insight from The Ajax Experience 2009

    SearchSOA.com was at The Ajax Experience this week, reporting on new developments and getting advice from industry leaders. 

  • Doloto tool said to speed large-scale Ajax applications

    Microsoft released Doloto, a tool that analyzes Ajax application workloads and automatically performs code splitting of existing large web applications. 

  • ECMAScript 5 takes JavaScript to a new level

    ECMAScript 5 is set to be ratified later this year. The new JavaScript standard was a long time coming and has important updates, according to panelists at the Ajax Experience in Boston. Updates include improved JSON support and new standard library ... 

  • Google Chrome Web browser: Is it an OS in waiting?

    Google announced that Chrome OS will be available in late 2010, but the Chrome Web browser already contains some OS-like features, perhaps hinting at what's to come. 

  • Kapow bows data-driven server for the enterprise

    Kapow Web Data Server 7.0 promotes use of Web data services. The software suite handles extraction, transform and load (ETL). New features improve support for JavaScript- and Ajax-intensive Web sites.