Application programming interface (APIs)

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  • Tibco challenges IBM on mainframe integration

    Business integration software vendor Tibco today completed its acquisition of ObjectStar, a native mainframe integration provider. The purchase enables Tibco to compete more effectively with IBM in the native mainframe integration market and broaden ... 

  • CA creates security framework for the mainframe

    Computer Associates announced today the Security Management Architecture, which is designed to unify identity, authentication and authorization for mainframes. 

  • Web services APIs to expose Yahoo

    Yahoo announced today that it will expose Web services application programming interfaces to developers as part of its new Yahoo! Search Developer Network program. The APIs will allow developers to integrate various features into third party applicat... 

  • Rebel frameworks and the J2EE revolution

    A Burton Group report has uncovered a rebellion of sorts in the Java landscape, as it identified a wave of open source frameworks that have the potential to simplify or even replace J2EE. 

  • Paoli: Information correlation, reasoning next step for XML

    Jean Paoli, senior director of XML architecture at Microsoft and one of the co-creators of the XML 1.0 standard, is a big fish in the extensible markup language pond. Along with other inhabitants like Tim Bray, Jon Bosak and Sharon Adler, Paoli was t... 

  • Eyes, wallets wide open to XML traffic woes in 2005

    Enterprises are expected in 2005 to spend more on XML acceleration appliances to offload performance hits until a single binary XML format is ratified. 

  • State DOJ finds TIME for XML, SOA

    The Wisconsin Dept. of Justice is rewriting a critical messaging application to include XML Web services and service orientation. 

  • Insurance that SOA works

    The Hartford Financial Services Group created an SOA-based reference architecture using a UDDI registry to simplify application component reuse. 

  • XML straining network performance, bandwidth

    ZapThink reports that XML is putting unreasonable demands on corporate networks, putting companies in search of alternatives to handle the pressure. 

  • Binary XML proponents stir the waters

    @7168 WASHINGTON -- XML loyalists put the old "strength in numbers" adage to the test last week at XML Conference & Exhibition 2004. There were dissidents in the nation's capital, threatening to turn the XML standard on its ear. Proponents of bin...