Application programming interface (APIs)

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  • Study: Eclipse experiencing rapid growth

    Eclipse is thriving under a "don't ask, don't tell policy," says a Forrester Research report. 

  • Web services booming in the public sector

    Traditionally a late adopter in the IT world, state governments are showing an uncommon zeal for Web services. 

  • JBI for dummies

    Amid the confusion over the new Java Business Integration specification, its proponents are attempting to clarify things for the developer community. The basics are that it allows for the deployment of disparate integration services, offering connect... 

  • JavaOne a drag … and drop

    Much of the buzz on the floor centered around what new studio tools would mean for the development community. 

  • Java, .NET interoperability issues persist

    Web services projects push forward, but the service-oriented love fest won't be official until Java and .NET figure out a way to hold hands. 

  • New JBI standard could change Java

    Integration and application platform vendors are touting the recently ratified Java Business Integration (JBI) standard. Meanwhile, Sun is pitching JBI as a key enabler for SOA. 

  • Sun gets integrated with SeeBeyond purchase

    With the acquisition of integration vendor SeeBeyond, Sun Microsystems establishes itself as a frontline player in the middleware market. 

  • JavaOne 2005 – JBI, GlassFish mark new frontier as Java turns 10

    As Java celebrates its 10th anniversary, Sun will cut the cake at this year's JavaOne conference with announcements on project GlassFish and Java Business Integration. 

  • IBM ties ETL and EAI together

    Following its $1.1 billion March acquisition of data integrator Ascential Software, IBM is expected to begin its beta test of a new product tying the Ascential tools to its WebSphere integration suite. 

  • Cisco moves toward the middle

    The networking giant is set to announce a new set of "application-aware" routers which will inspect and transmit messages, supplanting some of the functions traditionally dominated by middleware.