Application programming interface (APIs)

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  • Google gets some Java from Sun

    With the visions of creating applications and services not bound to the desktop Google's toolbar will now be packaged with Sun's Java Runtime Environment. 

  • Integration to give way to unification?

    Forget about integrated products, analyst Philip Howard makes the case that it's a pale substitute for a unified architecture. 

  • A look inside eBay's Web services APIs

    This article describes how eBay tackled the problem of documenting its web services using structured metadata and discusses the benefits of the little-known XML Schema standard appinfo element. 

  • ClearNova integrates Java and Ajax

    Making sure that Java-built Web services don't end at the server level, ClearNova has built a development environment that plugs Java into an Ajax development environment. 

  • Google: loosely coupled and growing

    According to author, Stephen Arnold, by escaping the desktop and unlocking the might of the Internet, Google is redefining the power structure of the IT universe. 

  • Analysts: IBM a case of SOA gone wild?

    With a conga line of new products ready to hit the market, IBM is grabbing lots of attention in the SOA world, but many analysts think the company needs to refocus its message and software line. 

  • SOA, just do it

    Just because you can't implement an entire service-oriented architecture in one fell swoop is no reason to continue point-to-point EAI projects or to patch your silos. 

  • MSN releases new APIs

    Following the lead of Google and Amazon, MSN has created open application program interfaces for its Search, Messenger and Virtual Earth functions. 

  • IBM gives Notes, Domino a SOA injection

    Big Blue has updated its two Lotus staples to integrate better with Web services development efforts. 

  • Can an SOA network push aside middleware?

    Now that Intel Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc. have made XML networking plays, many see the space as primed for rapid expansion and ready to challenge the message-oriented concept of Web services.