Application programming interface (APIs)

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  • Eclipse in space

    The NASA jet propulsion lab plans to build application for its next generation of Mars rovers on an Eclipse framework. 

  • Mediation means more than messaging

    The Apache Synapse project aims to create a mediation framework for web services, but columnist Ronan Bradley if it's using a broad enough definition of "mediation" to get the job done. 

  • Siebel sews its SOA strategy

    With the release of the first Web services from its Project Nexus initiative, Siebel has begun to componentized its product line. 

  • ObjectWeb ESB almost ready

    The open source enterprise service bus project inside the ObjectWeb group known as Petals is almost ready for release. 

  • Web services pioneer Boubez on SOA hardware and policy

    Toufic Boubez is the chief technology officer for XML networking vendor Layer 7 Technologies Inc. Previously, he served in IBM's Emerging Technologies Group, helping to build the foundation for service-oriented architecture, and served as its lead We... 

  • IBM gets XML muscle with DataPower acquisition

    Big Blue today announced it has purchased DataPower Technology Inc., bringing a hardware component into its SOA portfolio. 

  • Oracle announces lifetime support, WebSphere integration

    Oracle kicked off its annual OpenWorld show with a slew of announcements, including plans to offer lifetime support for customers who don't want to upgrade to Project Fusion 

  • Open source ESBs race to define themselves

    ObjectWeb's Celtix and LogicBlaze's ServiceMix take different tacks, but pledge cooperation with each other and with Apache Synapse. 

  • Beehive 1.0 gets buzzing

    Beehive 1.0, the Apache Software Foundation's component toolkit for J2EE and Struts, is ready for release. 

  • Microsoft creates Interop Plug-Fest for Web services

    On Nov. 7th at Microsoft's Redmond, Wash. Headquarters, the company will allow all comers to test their Web services for interoperability with Windows Communication Foundation.