Oracle OpenWorld & JavaOne 2011 conference coverage

Oracle OpenWorld/JavaOne 2011 conference coverage

At Oracle OpenWorld, three major events collide. Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Develop, and JavaOne all converge on San Francisco at the same time in October of 2011.

Oracle OpenWorld, now combined with JavaOne, has always been a bright indicator of current trends – even more so of late. The amount of application integration content increased in recent years, as Oracle Corp. became a significant vendor of standard Java middleware. It had little choice, of course. After buying most of its ERP competitors it faced the daunting task of actually integrating their offerings. The result of that is now available to general enterprise customers as the Fusion middleware line, which continues to grow, and was top on the agenda at last year's Oracle OpenWorld event. Bookmark this page to keep up with this year's doings.

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OracleWorld/JavaOne 2011 Coverage

This year, users are likely to press Oracle on its cloud strategy and its Java plans. Some expect a PaaS plan to emerge from the event. What goes into the next enterprise Java framework will be a matter of some controversy. New Java caching standards will be under discussion as well as the role of modular frameworks like OSGi and Jigsaw. Check out the latest news, views and conference coverage below.

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From the OracleWorld/JavaOne vault

Last year's Oracle OpenWorld marked the first event conjoined with JavaOne. Preparation time was short, and the Java portion was assembled hastily. Java watchers are closely eyeing this year's JavaOne edition for signs of Oracle's commitment to both Java and the Java Community Process. No OracleWorld event is complete without a few high-pith keynotes led by Oracle ring master Larry Ellison. Last year he proudly displayed his America's Cup yachting trophy, and his new ExaLogic server, also known as ''CIAVBB," or ''Cloud-In-A-Very-Big-Box.'' New surprises can be expected in 2011.

IBM joins Oracle in OpenJDK 8 effort at EclipseCon 2011
Mar 25, 2011 - At EclipseCon 2011, Oracle and IBM execs appeared together to announce plans to revive the long-stalled OpenJDK for Java.

Java and OpenJDK additions discussed as Oracle takes
Sep 26, 2010 - Oracle outlined OpenJDK additions and enhancements destined for future versions of Java at JavaOne in San Francisco.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g supports SCA, JavaServer Faces development
Jul 1, 2009 - The Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g application integration and development infrastructure hsa become a cornerstone of Oracle's middleware presence.

Oracle-Sun combo: What does it mean for enterprise Java?
Apr 20, 2009 - Oracle's $7.4-billion offer to buy Java-originator Sun Microsystems re-arranges the enterprise Java landscape.

Oracle's Ellison sees success in Java-based middleware
Jan 27,2009 - As Oracle took over the Sun-originated Java language, CEO Larry Ellison said the company's success in monetizing Java hinges on its overall success in middleware.

Verizon uses BPEL app to cut down on code, check for fraud, and go green
Sep 25, 2008 - Verizon Wireless employed Oracle BPEL Manager with a rules engine to study call patterns.