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EA in transition: Guide to keeping up with disruptive technologies

This guide provides key strategies and techniques to stay ahead of disruptive technologies and keep application capabilities in sync with business needs.

Enterprise architecture's primary goal, from an IT perspective, is to align application capabilities with business requirements. In the past, this goal was inhibited by monolithic application structures -- think mainframes -- that can't easily be transformed as business needs change. Today, the disruptive technologies of social media, mobile applications and cloud are driving businesses to revamp traditional enterprise architectures to accommodate them, as well as the social-mobile-cloud application makeovers currently needed.

Strategies and techniques

1. How to keep ahead of disruptive technologies

Social media, mobile devices and the like are game changers for enterprise architecture. Read on for advice on how to avoid letting such obstacles get in the way of meeting business objectives.


2. Keeping up with changes in enterprise architecture

Disruptive technologies are among the key forces changing the enterprise architecture landscape. The following is a collection of articles outlining some of the major drivers to be aware of.


3. Must-know EA terms

This glossary provides common terms related to enterprise architecture.