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The reasons to consider going mobile first

More and more companies are placing emphasis on the idea of 'mobile first.' But what does it mean to take a mobile-first approach to development?


How can I strengthen my mobile app analytics?

How can you keep better track of your mobile campaigns? In this article, contributor Matthew David examines a number of analytics tools for mobile apps and how to use them effectively.


Is Apple TV the next big app platform?

Apple recently released the new, fourth-generation Apple TV -- complete with support for apps. But will Apple be able to dominate the app market with this new device?


What role should SOA play in managing data?

SOA and the cloud are not the answers to everything. We examine the steps organizations need to take in order to solve problems surrounding business data retention.

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    Quiz yourself on Java strategy

    What's the latest thing you've learned about Java? In this quiz, we test your knowledge of strategies and practices to employ when working with Java.

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    The world of microservices and container technologies

    Microservices and containers are gaining in popularity, promising to improve app development processes, resource management and more. Learn the facts about this technology.

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    Consider this three-step approach to retaining data

    Retaining data because you can invites computing costs and legal liabilities, but dumping everything isn't the answer either. Here is a three-step approach to address the problem.

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