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Hybrid integration gains popularity

The need for data interoperability, connectivity and improved customer service is helping to push enterprise adoption of hybrid integration into full speed.


How to design apps for cloud performance control

A workflow and componentization analysis needs to be conducted prior to engaging in any cloud-optimized app design project.


How SOA, BPM and modeling can work together

Modeling, SOA and BPM shouldn't be thought of as three separate routes to improved processes; rather, they are components that when intertwined, can form a highly functional process fabric.


How to use HPC to analyze big data

Researchers and business users alike analyze big data in order to glean insights as to what customers actually want and need.

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SOA Basics

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    The basics of the cloud and SOA

    Some people may think SOA is irrelevant because of the cloud, while others assert the cloud and SOA go hand in hand.

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    Java Champion

    The Java Champion designation is awarded to leaders and visionaries in the Java technology community.

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    web service orchestration

    Service orchestration is the coordination or integration of several services and exposing them as a single service. The mix of services supports the automation of business processes.

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